Gift if Forward at Pearl

Tasking ourselves with creating an immersive and integrated project during the peak of COVID-19, we set off out to create a holiday campaign that gave back to our community while allowing guests of the Historic Pearl to feel safe yet involved. The Gift it Forward campaign serves a trilateral purpose for Brand to Consumer Marketing - Out of Home Billboard, Experiential and Digital/Email Campaign Marketing.

About the Experience

We pitched our Holiday Donation Wall to the Historic Pearl as an opportunity for their guests to give back to their community via a safe hands-free platform. Featuring 3 nonprofit organizations - James Beard Foundation, Say Sí and SAAAAFC - we created a display window that showcased a collage of modern Christmas design and highlighted the three nonprofits and how they’re giving back. A QR code was embedded into the artwork so guests could scan the code on their phones and our Gift it Forward microsite would pull up and direct guests to donate to their nonprofit of choice. In addition to the display window, we built and created three 3’ x 3’ stacked gift boxes that seasonally would live at the center of the Historic Pearl grounds to allow for higher foot traffic and increase impression numbers on the campaign's exposure. We love giving back in beautiful and inspiring ways. As always, Happy Holidays, San Antonio!





Creative Concept

Photo Booth

The Historic Pearl